Custom Extrusions

Ongoing communication and involvement with our customers by our sales and engineering staff assures that we have a full understanding of the customer’s expectations and the function of each part.

As this information is passed throughout our Product Delivery Process, our experienced production team makes every effort to satisfy each customer’s individual needs.

Our customers will rest assured knowing that they will receive exactly what is expected when they expect it.

Our four extrusion presses ensure we can produce customer specifications for include:

  • Circle Sizes Up To 16.5" (Shape Dependent)
  • Quenching Capabilities
  • Short Lead Times
  • Multiple Voids
  • Tempering – F, T-5, T-6

We provide aluminum extrusions alloys ranging from 6061, 6063, 6463 and 6005A. These common aluminum extrusion alloys have the basic characteristics for aluminum machining, welding, forming, and finishing for all of the product applications for the markets we serve.

We invite all current and prospective customers to come visit our facility and see the difference that Pries has to offer!

Send us a drawing with your specifications and we’ll be glad to offer you a competitive price quote.


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