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Aluminum Deburring

Aluminum deburring Shapes 1
Aluminum deburring Shapes 2

Pries Enterprises recognizes aluminum finishing requirements for extrusions that are clean, safe and burr free. Many parts that are cut to length and/or machined are required to be free of burrs and sharp edges — not only for aesthetics, but for the safety aspect also.

Therefore, we employ a variety of aluminum deburring methods including hand deburring, mechanical brushing of cut ends and vibratory deburring the entire finish in order to provide a safe, burr-free functional part that meets our customer requirements.

For machined parts we may also integrate the removal of sharp edges into the machining itself. This is a common practice that saves time and additional processing.

We are ready to review your requirements and propose a solution that encompasses all your needs from extrusion to the finished product. Please feel free to contact us or request a quote today.