Engineering & Design Services

Pries Enterprises is engaged in aluminum extrusion design and development with our customers to ensure we are manufacturing the most cost effective and functional product.

  • Design Assistance
    • Our objective for design assistance is to apply our 30 years of knowledge and experience into the initial design concept to eliminate potential waste.
    • By being involved in the early design stages, we have been extremely effective across a wide variety of product design and specification.
    • Pries uses current, state-of-the art computer assisted tools in the development process.
    • Our use of a cost-effective design analysis method includes aluminum alloy and temper selection, extrusion press selection, fabrication requirements, finishing requirements, packaging methodologies, and shipping requirements.
  • Since 1976, Pries Enterprises has been an aluminum extrusion manufacturer employing an ever-improving customer Product Development Process (PDP) that continues to attract lifetime customers throughout Iowa, the Midwest, and the entire country... that's what makes us unique!

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