Pries Enterprises – Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Pries Enterprises, Inc. is a full service manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions and aluminum fabrications dedicated to high quality and superior customer service and is ISO 9001

Pries Enterprises provides standard and custom aluminum extrusions to a variety of markets including Industrial, Commercial, Housing, Transportation, Electrical, Agriculture and a number of specialty products. Products range from windows, doors, office furniture, trailers, lighting, lift gates, heat sinks, and displays just to name a few.

We also provide a wide range of competitively priced finishes including anodizing, painting, and Painting & Powdercoating through a network of life-long supply chain partners who can provide our customers with all shades and colors including color-matching.

Through our intense dedication to Lean Manufacturing principles, Pries Enterprises provides the fastest lead times in the industry and can offer the option of delivering finished products with our company-owned fleet.

Pries Enterprises can provide a broad range of shapes from simple to complex aluminum profiles for any volume from prototypes to large production runs. We go to great measures to assure that we maintain the capacity required to meet whatever volumes our customers require.

Since 1975, Pries Enterprises has been a leading producer of complex custom profiles for a broad range of customers throughout Iowa, the Midwest and across the nation, delivering superior quality products, competitively priced and at the industry’s fastest lead times.


To learn more about the extrusion process and it benefits please visit the Aluminum Extruders Council website.

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We invite all current and prospective customers to come visit our facility and see the difference that Pries has to offer!

Please feel free to continue reading more about us, contact us, or send us your drawing to request a quote. We look forward to serving you!